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On the tail end of a torturous 34-hour drive from Malawi to South Africa on a cramped, grungy bus, 22-year-old Kyle and a roaming group of other young Christians are just beginning their sixth month of The World Race.

Just a year before, Kyle had lacked the boldness in faith to even bring Jesus into a conversation. Eleven months of various international mission work would have been a ridiculous waste of his youth and pleasures. But that was before his father died from cancer, leaving him to examine how his life matched his beliefs.

While providing fatherly care for a group of orphaned babies and toddlers in Johannesburg, Kyle shares what God has taught him on his journey thus far. His experiences throughout the month serve as natural platforms to jump back to the year before… back to when he was helping his father cross items off his bucket list and before the urgency to finally acknowledge his faith had taken root. The two heartrending stories of past and present blend together, inviting readers to pursue their own adventures with God as they witness Kyle learning to follow his Father’s Son.

“My Father’s Son: a true story of discovering faith and courage through tragedy” is available on Amazon as a signed paperback (14.99) or Kindle (3.99).