if God is real…

if God is real

If God is real, then I exist because of Him. He is my Source.

There’s not much arguing about that.

If God is the reason I’m here, then He knows more than I do, including how things were originally intended to be. This can also be called “perfection,” not to be confused with what “perfection” or even “good” in my own mind is because my mind is not God’s. A toddler and it’s father have two different perspectives of perfection, one being more complete than the other.

This does not mean that God looks at the world today and calls it perfect by His standards. It means that God knows the system He originally designed and, seeking to be honored by that creation, He is not satisfied with how our priorities have drifted and how we’ve taken to independence from Him. That’s not how He designed it, and only He knows how far off the mark we’ve fallen. He knows what we’re missing– what we are innately searching for through self-relying means outside of Him.

Also, if God is the reason I’m here, then He put me here for a reason. I’m not an accident. He chose to make me when He could have chosen to not make me, or anything at all for that matter. I am part of His previously-mentioned original design.

If He made me for a purpose, then I am meant to understand and live out that purpose. I have a sense in my heart (no accident) that it’s something meaningful and captivating, but I’m a little fuzzy on the details. Without His direction, we’re all fuzzy– some more than others. As proof, take a gander at the wide and contradicting speculation about what life is all about. Left to ourselves, we’ve come up with all kinds of answers– from indulgence in pleasure to the denial of all pleasure. But if life has a singular Source, it cannot reasonably have multiple options of meaning. We know life is about something, but we need God to communicate what that purpose is once and for all.

The simple fact that I feel my life has a purpose, and my natural desire to know what it is, may not be enough proof for some to believe that we were designed to acknowledge and pursue God. But for me, it is.

What’s it all about? Is it pleasure for myself? Is it doing for others? The problem with those purposes is that God remains hidden– unknown and unaccredited. If He made me with a purpose, and I crave to know what it is, then He must want me to find that purpose and be willing to help. If He made us with such intricacy and sensitivity and then walked away with no care or interest in being a part of His own creation, then we’ve been strung along. The implanted desire to know what life is for would be a massive prank– either out of laziness or cruelty. Both perspectives of God are harsh and unreasonable, however, especially when they’re purely voluntary beliefs. Like a good and caring manufacturer, He’s gifted us with an equally intricate and sensitive operator’s manual to live by. To not like everything that manual says doesn’t turn it into unreliable legend or fairy tale.

There’s a reason nothing tangible I can pursue seems to fit the mold for what will truly satisfy me. No amount of money, sex, accomplishments, or anything else in this world fills the void I sense needs filled. It’s because the Creator made Himself the purpose over the things He created. It’s not my bank account, my resume, my marriage, or even my kid’s that is meant to confirm my life’s success or failure. This part of Christian belief is really not so outlandish. We rightfully respect the name of Thomas Edison more than we respect a common light bulb, no matter how helpful and revolutionary it’s been for the world.

It’s not the picket-fence and puppy-dog American dream that gives me satisfaction on my deathbed for a life not wasted. My life is measured simply by my relationship with my Creator. Peace on my deathbed comes not with the thought of “I had a good run” but rather “and so it begins!” It’s the faith that my worshipful purpose is only just beginning. The life I’ll be nearing the end of is only the line to get on the ride.

If God seeks to be known by His creation, then He must be the one to show us who He is. If His existence is true, then truth exists, and so does right and wrong– all in accordance to who He is and what He desires. God wouldn’t be satisfied to leave us all groping in the dark as we make a personal best-guess and call ourselves “spiritual” and “open minded.”

If God ever decided to reveal Himself to His creation, it would need to be in a manner worthy of attention. Plenty of amazing things happen in this universe “naturally,” which means the way in which the Creator of that universe reveals Himself would need to be largely “unnatural” so that we will actually take notice. And so, miracles would be not only possible, but necessary.

It’s not so hard to believe that if God were to reveal Himself to His creation, it would have the additional purpose of restoring all that is not perfect (as originally intended). He would need to address, once and for all, why we feel such a passive disconnect with Him in the first place. Calling out all the created things that have become distractions keeping us from worshiping the correct God would naturally be on his agenda.

If God intended all of history and humanity to benefit from this revealing of Himself, then He would need to do so not just in a miraculous way, but in a historically reliable way as well. It would also benefit God’s case to not make this revealing a one time event, and therefore a dismissible hoax, but rather a series of events and messages that are in agreement even though they span multiple generations and cultural tendencies.

Stories are how humans relate to each other. Therefore, if God wishes for His creation to share with each other about who their God is (the one we already sense is there), there should be a compelling story to tell that illustrates this character. The plot, like those of all timeless stories, would need to dramatically lead up to an exciting, thriller-like climax that leaves the listener hooked for the ending.

If this historically documentable climax simultaneously revealed God’s personal character to His creation as well as His intended purpose for that creation, then the sheer importance and benefit of applying those purposes in each of our lives would be monumental. This is our Creator revealing Himself to us and allowing us to have a more intimate relationship with Him. This is the light switch we’ve been given so that we no longer have to grope around in the dark to wonder how our lives were intended to be. It’s the recipe for a delicious wedding cake that puts our mud pie attempts to shame.

If God is real, then it would strangely make sense that our relationship with Him would be corrected not by something we can do or achieve for ourselves, but rather something He graciously gives us. Take a look at government and big corporation corruption. Left to our own system of earning gold stars, that is what results. Therefore, the correction of our hearts would not be manmade, or even man-inspired. It would be a God-sent payment out of Himself– just like all life to begin with. He would be the One to pursue us and cause our hearts to actually want to know and seek His ways, just like He is the one responsible for making us feel a sense of purpose in the first place.

But maybe that’s just me.


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