fifteen for ’15

resolutionsFifteen ways to change my lifestyle this year:

1. Be more honest with myself
2. Read more books
3. Find adventure in the mundane
4. Plan and execute at least one epic prank on someone I love
5. Ask more questions
6. Trust my own, fleeting emotions less and an unchangeable reality more
7. Contribute more and consume less in my friendships, family, and faith
8. Live within my means
9. Build something new
10. Take the stairs whenever possible
11. Love others because of how God loves them and not for what I might get in return
12. Do my tasks well and not to just check it off the list
13. Consider and appreciate the small things
14. Spend less on the things that don’t last so I can spend more on the things that do.
15. Reduce clutter

Below is an excerpt from a great New Year’s post by a friend of mine, Tommy Smith. See the entire article here.

The problem with most resolutions is how we go about them. When we make a resolution, it typically involves something that we want to do differently. That’s not a bad thing at all! But the reason most of us fail at our resolutions is that our goals are set on doing different things rather than being different people. Those are two very different things.

The reason you haven’t started giving more, losing weight, traveling more, or being adventurous isn’t because you don’t want to do it. It’s because you haven’t changed your lifestyle to become a person who can achieve those things. It’s simple for any of us to do something for a few weeks. But in order to make a resolution stick, we have to focus less on what we do, and focus on who we should be.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to 365 days of purpose, love, and honesty!


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