God and pancakes


I made pancakes this morning.

I used the mix that only calls for water. It’s a lot better than the kind that also requires eggs because it’s a pain to have to go buy eggs every time I want pancakes. I don’t always have eggs in my refrigerator, and if I do, I eat them all within a few days. So pancake mix that needs eggs quickly ends up sitting in my pantry unused until I finally remember to buy another carton.

Likewise, a relationship with God is not meant to depend on anything. We don’t have to wait to build a relationship with Him until we have all the right people and circumstances in our lives. The only thing that matters is that we each become saturated with God’s love for us. If that happens, we get pancakes. It’s a two-ingredient recipe.

Other people aren’t in the mix when it comes to me and God. They’re more like the butter and syrup. They’re in the directions on the box, but they come in later to make my relationship with Him richer and more satisfying. If I saw anyone else as an ingredient required to create my relationship with God, the moment they run out, God gets put on the shelf.


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