About this time last year, you were probably really worried about something. Maybe it was a relationship on the rocks, financial uncertainty, the loss of a loved one, or something else from the endless list of things that can go wrong. Car trouble. A bad haircut, or a cavity. Oh! A really gnarly zit right in the middle of your forehead (I’ve had my fair share of those… as well as all the others mentioned, actually). Each item on this list represents something that derails our own plans, and we can easily slip into a complete meltdown when they occur. We often flash forward to the worst case scenario and suddenly, it’s as if our entire lives are hanging in the balance. 

By the way, I’m still talking about last year. You may have started thinking about all of your current worries, which have likely kept you from realizing that all those things you worried about last year didn’t actually destroy your life like you thought they would. In other words, you made it! We made it!

We might be different than we were last year, but that will likely be the case every year. You might not have as much money saved up, or maybe you’re driving a different car, but the fact remains: we’re still here! Clothes on our backs, air in our lungs, relationships all around… and there’s even food in the pantry! (Internet high five!)

In hindsight, I can’t help but wonder why I got so worked up about all those things last year in the first place. It was hard at times, sure. But I made it through, and one could legitimately argue that I’m better for it today. I would venture to say that upwards of 90 percent of what we worry about has very little value or substance in the long run. Most of us take life a lot more seriously than we need to. The materials and circumstances of this world aren’t nearly as important as they try to convince us they are. And the more stuff there is, the more complicated life gets.

Let’s live with the confidence that everything will be okay because God has brought us this far. Learn from last year and trust that we will make it through what is going on right now because God is already present in next year… just as present as He is in this moment right now. He has saved us from things we didn’t even know were threats in the first place. He’s allowed us to work through hard times and learn from them to become wiser and more mature.

So how about we let go and have more fun?

Let’s not live beyond our means.

Let’s live simply and serve other people.

Joke and laugh with them.

Smile at strangers.

Mix things up and be generous.

Travel and experience new things.

Live simply, work honestly, love faithfully, and it will be okay.


What do you think?

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